Did Men Become Less Terrible In 2015?

We all want to know the answer.

Defenders of the sexist status quo -- especially defenders of the dude variety -- often forget that misogyny not only limits the rights of women, but certainly screws with the minds of men as well. But did things get better for equality in 2015? In some ways, no. But in many other ways, the answer is (thankfully) yes.

The Representation Project aims to change gender status quo through film, and their latest clip examines the failures and triumphs that males made in 2015 -- from Donald Trump being his OTT self to Justin Bieber's infamous underwear ad.

While Carl's Jr still makes overtly sexist commercials (tomato butts, anyone?), many men took a resounding step forward, like actor Matt McGorry.

"Having some traits that are perceived as traditionally masculine doesn't exclude me from wanting gender equality," McGorry says in a clip from Mic's great interview with him where he explains why he's a feminist.

Former pro-football player and commentator Terry Bradshaw also remarked this year about a world where domestic abusers (like Greg Hardy) would be barred from playing professional football, instead of joking further about women as he returns to the field.

These moments where men like Bradshaw and McGorry can be traditionally masculine (but not a--holes to women) are great, and in 2016, we all hope they'll become more the status quo.

Watch the full video below.