Schoolboy Q Turned The Internet's Favorite Meme Into His Album Cover

No tears here

The Crying Jordan meme.

You've likely seen it frequently — perhaps every day, depending on what parts of Twitter you roam — for quite some time now.

If, somehow, you missed it or don't know what it's all about, you could read an explainer at The New Yorker, Deadspin, GQ, ESPN, NPR, Fox Sports, Know Your Meme, Wikipedia, or you could watch the Stashed's documentary.

In other words, the internet loves this thing. And that means, in all likelihood, it's going to love Schoolboy Q's new album cover. Revealed on Tuesday, the art borrows the popular picture of Michael Jordan and obscures his face. The result is the cover for the aptly titled Blank Face LP.

As hilarious and glorious as this is, the best Schoolboy Q–related news of the day is that we're now one day closer to July 8, when the album drops.

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