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Moby Gets His Paul Newman On: Announces Beverage Line, Cookbook

He plans to expand hipster tearoom into national franchise.

Two years after Moby opened Teany, his vegan-friendly tearoom/café in New York, the musician has announced plans to supersize the enterprise with a cookbook and a beverage line.

Calling it a "natural outgrowth of [the] venture," Moby has proposed a book that would be "part cookbook, part autobiography, part fun-fact history." That history, however, would be fictional, as if Teany had been on the Lower East Side for generations, according to David Vigliano, Moby's book agent.

The café actually opened in May 2002 and quickly became a hotspot for celebs seeking a cuppa, attracting Gywneth Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone, Susan Sarandon, Andy Dick, Jason Schwartzman and others. Despite its fabulous clientele, Teany is a quiet spot, a small storefront with a pocket-size terrace where tea aficionados gather to relax and read. While the selection of 100 teas is the menu's main attraction, it also includes sandwiches and unusual soups, such as squash-and-pear and nectarine-and-cantaloupe. The food is vegetarian; vegan options are offered as well. Recipes for food and drinks would be included in Teany Book, which is described as "fun, quirky, [and] idiosyncratic" by Vigliano.

And for those seeking Teany on the go, Moby will offer a beverage line featuring bottled versions of the caé's iced teas and coolers (tea-and-juice fusions). The all-natural teas will utilize organic cane sugar or evaporated cane juice as sweeteners instead of artificial substances. The drinks will first be distributed only in New York, in stores like Gourmet Garage and Dean & DeLuca, but a national line is in the works. The line will be available in June in five flavors: iced tea with lemon, herbal citrus cooler, peach berry green tea, vanilla berry hibiscus and green tea with ginseng.