Chris Pratt And Tom Holland Are Taking Their Heroics To Pixar

Two Marvel faves are getting animated

The people at Pixar must've really loved Infinity War, because they've tapped two very popular Marvel heroes to star in their upcoming movie. Chris Pratt and Tom Holland will get animated in Onward, along with co-stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer, the studio announced Wednesday (December 12).

The feature is about two teen elf brothers who leave their suburban home to discover whether there is any magic left in the world. Director Dan Scanlon — who also helmed Monsters Universitynoted that the story was inspired by his real-life relationship with his brother.

It's not known yet whether Pratt and Holland will be playing the siblings, but while announcing the movie and teasing his reunion with the the Guardians of the Galaxy star, Holland did say that he's "so excited" about his new role. And what could be more exciting for the Spider-Man: Homecoming actor than pretending to be the brother of one of Hollywood's most beloved Chrises?

Onward is slated to hit theaters March 6, 2020.

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