Lady Gaga's 'Q Magazine' Cover Banned In U.S.

Dissected magazine cover courtesy of Q Magazine

Seeing that Lady Gaga collected two scandalous magazine covers this month, we asked you earlier this week to tell us which one was more Gagalicious—Q or Cosmopolitan. Had we but known, we would've asked you which one was more likely to get banned.

The results are in on that question and the answer is Q. According to the magazine's web site, the cover has been banned by "certain U.S. chains" because Gaga is showing the lower portion of her left boob, which is apparently a big no-no. In addition, New York state law also prohibits showing any area of the breast below the nipple, which could sacrifice the magazine's additional distribution in NYC, as well.

Gagaloo has yet to comment on the cover being banned, but in a statement published on, the magazine's editors "can't help wonder what Lady Gaga herself would make of this turn of events, given her prophetic quote, standing at the start of the Q photo shoot with a dildo in her hand, 'It'd be a real f**king story, right'..."

What do you think? Did Gaga go too far on the cover of Q Magazine? Plus, why is no one saying anything about the black dildo camouflaged against her pants?!?