Britney Spears Rejected Hits By Lady Gaga, Rihanna

The Internet is abuzz over a track that made its way online that supposedly features Britney Spears singing Lady Gaga's "Telephone." It's a fact that Gaga initially wrote the tune for Spears for inclusion on her latest album Circus, but Britney rejected it. It ended up being a happy accident for Gaga, who teamed up with Beyoncé and recorded the track herself for The Fame Monster. The rest, as they say, is history: "Telephone" gave birth to the eye-popping, cinematic "Telephone" video, and the track peaked at the third spot on the Billboard Hot 100 (it currently sits at number 10).

"Telephone" wouldn't be the first track that Spears rejected. Take a look at the other songs that have passed through Spears' transom.


As stated above, Gaga presented the song to Spears for inclusion on Circus, but it Spears rejected it so Gaga kept it for herself. For what it's worth, "Telephone" would have perfect sense on Circus, as it's full of the jittery dance beats and hypnotic refrains that inhabit "Womanizer" and "If U Seek Amy."


In perhaps one of the most notorious rejections in the history of pop music, The-Dream and Tricky Stewart brought a simple track to Spears that she passed on. After floating it past Mary J. Blige, it landed in the lap of Rihanna, who turned it into one of the biggest pop smashes of the new millennium. While Spears probably would have done well with the track, it's impossible to think of anybody else but Rihanna surfing on that track's lush, robotic melody.

"Tall Boy"

Sometimes people present songs to Spears fully knowing she won't bite. Such was probably the case with indie spaz Har Mar Superstar, who offered Spears the song "Tall Boy." When she said no, he recorded it himself. His version is pretty good, but it doesn't seem like the sort of track Spears would record.


Spears demoed "Dramatic" during the sessions for Blackout, but it was ultimately left off the album. Later, it surfaced again as a duet between Spears and Heidi Montag, but the track ended up being little more than Montag adding her voice to Spears' demo. Interestingly, "Dramatic" ended up falling off of Montag's album Superficial as well.

"...Baby One More Time"

OK, so Spears did end up recording "...Baby One More Time," which ended up being her breakout hit. But she was the beneficiary of another rejection, as "...Baby One More Time" was originally written for TLC. When they passed, Spears picked it up and the rest was history.

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