Frank Ocean Is Taller Than You Think He Is, And More Revelations From His New Interview

He talks dating, music, his favorite TV shows, and more

Frank Ocean seems to be opening up to the world a bit more — last year, he made his Instagram public and in January, he was interviewed by GQ. Now, he's joined Gayletter for an interview offering a glimpse into his world, which maybe isn't so secretive and shrouded in mystery as you might believe.

"I think the whole idea of me as a recluse is absurd 'cause I'm in the streets like all the time," the Blonde singer said. "I'm outside all the time, I'm traveling the world all the time. It's funny to me that that's the perception, but I understand what people mean by it in this new paradigm."

The wide-ranging, free-flowing chat covers a lot of bases, including Ocean's love life (he doesn't use dating apps and has been in a relationship for three years), his hobbies (rock climbing and learning French), and his favorite TV shows (Chef's Table, Handmaid's Tale, Grown-ish, and RuPaul's Drag Race).

He also talks about his interest in queer art and how that influenced his Boys Don't Cry magazine, which helped distract him from his frustrations with the music industry. "Well, fucking with major music companies, you're going to be... deflowered," he said. "Anytime you get into the business side of the arts, there has to be some degree of objectification or commodification that you’re comfortable with, of yourself and of your work."

He continued, "For me, it's about Why am I doing this? What exactly do I want from this? And how do I get those specific things I want out of this? And what does success look like on those terms? And what does failure look like on those terms? That's how I think about it now."

Speaking of music, the 31-year-old revealed that he's been splitting time between his homes in New York and L.A. while working on new material. But most importantly, Ocean made sure to clear up a huge misconception about how tall he actually is: "My Wikipedia says I'm 5'10", but I'm 6'1"," he said. "So listen, we have to correct the kids on my height. It's really affecting my future, blocking my shine."

Read the full Gayletter interview with Ocean here.