Chris Pine Has Some Very Feminist Things To Say About 'Wonder Woman'


We've known that Chris Pine was one of the good ones for a very long time now, because let's be honest, only a premium human being could turn in such a devastatingly sweet performance in "The Princess Diaries: A Royal Engagement."

But in case you needed a more recent reminder that Pine is an A+ quality dude, he's just gone on record with some seriously great comments about his involvement in the Wonder Woman movie -- and why he's perfectly thrilled to play hero support to the kick-ass Amazonian.

In an interview with Total Film (h/t Bleeding Cool), Pine summed up his enthusiasm thusly:

"It’ll be a f---ing blast,” he said. “I couldn’t be happier to be supporting Gal [Gadot] in what’s going to be the first female-driven superhero film.”

Although Pine isn't technically right about that (he seems to have forgotten about the existence of "Elektra" and "Catwoman," not to mention the major small-screen success of "Supergirl" and Marvel's "Jessica Jones"), he's so right about everything else that it's not even worth nitpicking.

Best of all, he's totally on board with the idea that female superheroes aren't just lip service, but the heroes the world needs and deserves.

"I think in the world today we’ve had plenty enough of male-driven everything,” he said. “It’s finally time to see how wonderful the world can be with beautiful, strong intelligent women kicking some major ass."

Brb, swooning forever.

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