Asher Roth Chills Out, Grows Up In His Disco-Throwback 'Tangerine Girl' Video

Watch Asher Roth's "Tangerine Girl" video.

BRB, Googling the nearest roller rink.

It's been five years since Philadelphia emcee Asher Roth was loving college, and dude's grown up since then. Like Frank Ocean pre-Nostalgia, Ultra, Roth had gotten stuck with a label deal that kept him from dropping an album, but now he's fully independent and ready to return with RetroHash on Apr. 22.

The first taste of the new album is "Tangerine Girl," a spacey, chilled-out track that sounds like Beck and Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti sipping Tiki cocktails poolside in the Hollywood Hills.

With lo-fi production from The Blended Babies (who did every beat on the new album), Roth drops a rhyme or two here and there, but mostly he's going for melody: "Want a drink and I said, 'Baby, c'mon next to me," he sings before dipping into the chorus, but there's so much echo and reverb that you could half-pay attention and hear the vocals as pure vibes.

The Matt Spicer-directed clip finds Roth rocking a bandana as a handsome actor (with a thing for older Russian women) does his thing at the skating rink after work. Watch out for the R-rated ending, which heads from the rink to the bedroom for some definitely not-chill freakiness.

Roth tells Billboard he's trying to better himself: "My whole thing with RetroHash is progress -- every day, topping what I did yesterday," he says. "Sometimes you gotta eat Chick-Fil-A at 3:00 in the morning, but it's all about moderation." Sounds like he's definitely on his way forward.

+ Watch Asher Roth's "Tangerine Girl" video.

Photo credit: John Van Hamersveld

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