Katy Perry Tells Story Behind Her 'Intense' Whip Cream 'Assets' In 'California Gurls' Video

Little-known fact: the only weapon able to defeat an army of Gummi Bears is whipped cream boobs. It's true, according to Katy Perry, who dished to MTV News about her candy-filled new video for "California Gurls."

"These whipped-cream [boobs] were in the music video because that was my only ammo," she said. "I had to slay those Gummi Bears that were very evil. I had to show them who was boss in Candyfornia. The California Gurls, of course."

Was "Daisy Dukes, bikini on top, whipped cream boobs underneath" a little too cumbersome for the song, Katy?

In the video, Katy wears bedazzled Daisy Dukes (of course) and a cupcake bra, donning the aforementioned whipped cream weapons later on to defeat Snoop Dogg's Gummi Bear army. Though they looked fun, the costumes weren't so fun to wear.

"It was really intense with all that whipped cream coming from my back through my assets," she said.

The cupcake bra wasn't any better, she added. "I will tell you that those cupcake-bra boobies, they were a little bit heavy and they were interesting."

Still, Katy said she had a blast wearing all the crazy clothing in the video. "It was really fun making these costumes. They're all one-of-a-kind, and I love the Bettie Page moment in the red and the whipped-cream cans."

What do you think of the inventive costumes in the "California Gurls" video?

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