Carly Rae Jepsen Asks The Hardest Question Of All On New Song 'Too Much'

Let it soundtrack your self-conscious romantic entanglements

"Is this too much?" Carly Rae Jepsen asks on her new single, released on Thursday (May 9). But even if the lyrics speak to staggering self-consciousness — "Be careful if you're wanting this touch / 'Cause if I love you, then I love you too much" — CRJ heads can never have enough.

The slow-burning track new continues along the same languid path laid by previous singles "No Drug Like Me" and "Julien," though its main concern is one of pesky self-doubt. "Party For One" this is not — instead, "Too Much" is an ode to uncertainty.

Aided by the same production duo behind "No Drug Like Me," "Too Much" gives CRJ's neuroses plenty of room to breathe on the sparse verses, ultimately yielding to a pensive trop-pop chorus that preserves the hesitancy of the lyrics. Like "Julien," the most viscerally grooving 2k19 Jepsen cut, "Too Much" doesn't build to a massive cathartic refrain, opting instead for a quieter presentation. Naturally, the one thing that's certain here is that it sounds good.

"Too Much" is the fifth song Jepsen's put out in advance of Dedicated, her fourth album set to drop on May 17. The singer told MTV News in March how she sifted through hundreds of recorded songs to arrive at a final tracklist for the album, something she also illustrated in a recent Rolling Stone interview.

"I rarely write a song and am like, 'It's done!,'" Jepsen said. "It's sort of my passion and obsession in a way: late at night being like, 'I found the lyric!' I envy writers that are like, 'I just wrote this and put it on the album.' I'm like, 'How do you sleep at night?!'"

With only eight days until Dedicated drops, is it wishful thinking to hope we get that intimate NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert before then? Until then, listen to "Too Much" above.

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