'Harry Potter' Height Chart: Who's The Tallest Actor?

Voldemort isn't as tall as he is in our nightmares.

Artwork by Vi-An Nguyen

After eight movies, I think we all feel pretty familiar with the cast of the "Harry Potter" series. For over a decade, we watched the same enormous ensemble of British actors make Hogwarts as real as it was in our minds as when we read J.K. Rowling's books.

But in those books, there were descriptors that made things like height comparisons clear. Ron was obviously the tallest of the three -- as he was in the movies -- but beyond that, who knows how everyone else compared to each other in the height department?

To make more vertical sense of the "Harry Potter" movies, we put together (with the help of IMDb) a chart comparing the heights of the principal actors of the series, and there are some definite surprises -- like how freakin' tall Dean Thomas got. (Warwick Davis, a.k.a. Professor Flitwick, was the obvious champion of the shorter end, so we left him off.)

Click the photo above to see the full-size height chart!