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Turn It Up And Listen To Janet Jackson And Missy Elliot's 'Burnitup!'

Missy, too, is <i>Unbreakable</i>.

If you got "No Sl333p" thanks to Janet Jackson's first new comeback single, just wait till you hear who's come to "work it" with her for the next track.

Hint: There's a major MEOW factor involved.

Missy Elliott is featured on Jackson's upcoming album Unbreakable and their club-ready banger, "Burnitup!," made its radio debut on BBC Radio 1 Thursday (Sept. 24).

Like Janet, Missy's been slowly working her way back into our lives lately -- because dreams do come true -- starting with her feature on Faith Evans' "I Deserve It" last year and then with her surprise Super Bowl halftime performance alongside Katy Perry in February.


Missy Elliot Katy Perry Halftime Superbowl

Missy's been missing from the scene just as long as Janet -- about seven years -- so having them together is like our very own merry unbirthday present.

Listen to the song below and prepare for your whole body to start grooving immediately.

Jackson's Unbreakable hits shelves on Oct. 2.