Star Spotting: Kim Kardashian Channels Bo Derek, Beyonce And Lil' Kim In Her New Music Video

(Credit: @KimKardashian)

To borrow a phrase from Soulja Boy, Kim Kardashian is really going 30 thousand 100 million with this music thing. First, as we mentioned earlier today, Kim debuted her new single, "Turn It Up," at TAO in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve, playing it over the club's PA system.

And now we have these Twitpics from the set of Kimmy's first video. The above shot, of an aviator-glasses-rocking Kim, came with the caption, "I know u c me on the video." The line is taken, as one of our commenters pointed out, from Lil' Kim's "Crush On You," but the look seems to be a cross between Lil' Kim and Beyonce in "Video Phone."

It would seem that Kim's "Turn It Up" video will pay homage to more than just Beyoncé. Kardashian also tweeted a photo of herself rocking, in her words, "Bo Derek braids."

This, coupled with her Glamour cover, really gets Kim's 2011 off to a pretty outstanding start, doesn't it. Expect to hear "Turn It Up" pretty soon. The track was recorded with The-Dream and, allegedly, features Kanye West.

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