M. Night Shyamalan Talks 'Indiana Jones' Experience

And humble? When the topic is "Indiana Jones" he is.

Shyamalan was contracted to write a version of "Indy 4" sometime in the early 21st century after the phenomenal success of "The Sixth Sense" (which was coincidentally produced by Frank Marshall, a co-producer on Indy).

Having heard horror stories from writers like Frank Darabont, who liken their experience working on Indy to a "waste of a year," we expected the worst. So what does he recall from his adventure in Indy screenwriting?

"I was just gathering information at that point from all the deities," Shyamalan said, referring to Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Marshall, and George Lucas. "I haven't seen the new one yet. I can't wait."

Even having not seen the film, Shyamalan, like Darabont, believes there are portions of his film treatment that eventually found their way into "Crystal Skull," although beyond saying that it wasn't Marion or Shia, he isn't giving up the ghost on what they are.

"I understand there are a few things we all talked about that are there," Shyamalan insisted.

And what I wouldn’t pay to find out what they were. Honestly, I think I would empty my bank account to read every draft of "Indy 4," from Shyamalan, to Darabont, to Koepp. If anyone out there wants to send them to me, I will exalt your name to the heavens.

In the meantime, pure conjecture, but what do you think Shyamalan might have contributed to "Skull." Anything strike you as a Shyamalan signature? And can we have another thread about how bad "Crystal Skull" turned out to be? Sound off below.

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