2 Chainz And Ariana Grande Party With The Well-Dressed People In 'Rule The World' Video

The milly-rocking attendants are clearly having an amazing time

2 Chainz and Ariana Grande's magical collaboration, "Rule The World," has received its video treatment via an illustrious suit-and-tie affair. The clip matches the song's vibrancy and elegance for a magical four-minute experience that looks as expensive as it does a good time to shoot. We can rest assured that the high-profile tune from Chainz's recently released album Rap Or Go To The League has received a visual crafted with masterful care.

Somewhere in Los Angeles, there's a magnificent celebration going on in an underground ballroom. It's like one of those old-school speakeasies where people come to be themselves and free their minds from society's shackles. Here, music peppers the atmosphere, sung by a stunning siren, and swirling bodies move in unison to the singer's falsettos. This singer is Grande who is the center of attention with her holy shawl made of the finest of feathers. As she sings to the dancing, milly-rocking crowd, 2 Chainz joins her for a rousing performance. He's similarly dolled up, in a designer suit and expensive frames, and packs the harsher energy equivalent of Grande's soft contribution. Their contrasting energies create a unique experience that shows the power of their teamwork. And they make a good creative team together that would do well to work together again.

This fated collaboration came after a minor controversy involving Grande's video for "7 Rings" which 2 Chainz believed bit some of his style. After a meeting, 2 Chainz hopped on the song's remix and, in return, Grande hopped on "Rule The World." Last week, 2 Chainz released a time-traveling video for "Money In The Way," another tune from Rap Or Go To The League.

Watch this elegant video up above.