Carly Aquilino Spins The Hair-Color Wheel Once More...Where Did It Land?

Hint: She's drawing inspiration from a certain spring flower.

If you thought the Crayola Classpack boasted a lot of color, perhaps you've never taken a good, hard look at what's going on north of Carly Aquilino's scalp.

The "Girl Code" star, who's tinted her locks red, orange and pink without flinching, decided to explore the cooler side of the color wheel yesterday, and the finished product sort of looks like the result of diving head-first into an amethyst mine. Headbutting a plum tree? Inverted grape-stomping? Folks, we could do this all day...

"Lilac dreamz," Carly captioned her new springtime 'do in the Instagram photo above, which also features a shorter cut. Carly once famously professed, "We change our hair when something traumatic happens to us, and obviously I've been through a lot of s**t," so let's just hope she's in good spirits. If it's any consolation, it's a great look!

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