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Willie Nelson Roped President Obama Into Helping Him Perform 'On The Road Again'

President Obama gets roped into joining Willie on a classic American tune.

It seems like President Obama isn't letting the results of the midterm elections get to him at all. Considering the Republicans took control of Congress, you think he'd be at least a little bit glum, but not at all! Instead, he attended a PBS concert special to honor international US troops.

But attending wasn't enough, when he introduces Willie Nelson, you can see Nelson casually whisper in the president's ear, and apparently insist that Obama join him for a rendition of "On The Road."

Honestly, Obama looks a little nervous until Michelle comes onstage too and starts grooving along to Willie's guitar solo—that seems to loosen the president up a bit. After that, he manages to sing-speak a few of the song's more signature lines. The audience obviously adored the entire performance though.

Watch it all unfold below.

Mary J. Blige, Common, John Fogerty also performed at the concert, which you can watch in full here courtesy of PBS.