You're A Brave Man, Loki: Tom Hiddleston Impersonates Robert De Niro In Front Of Robert De Niro

What a wise guy!

Everybody has a Robert De Niro impersonation -- "Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?" Or maybe you're more of a Goodfellas fan. Any way you slice it, De Niro's got a recognizable voice with a cadence just begging for imitation.

And he knows it. "I kind of enjoy it," he said on The Graham Norton Show recently. "Especially if they do it well. It's great."

Careful what you wish for, Bob. Tom Hiddleston, also a guest on the show, took De Niro's enjoyment to heart and, after imitating Owen Wilson and Christopher Walken, took on a scene from Heat featuring Al Paccino and De Niro. The whole scene. De Niro's favorite scene.

Hiddleston does his best Paccino and then, sitting on the same couch as the man himself, does De Niro. The face and everything.

You're a brave man, Tom Hiddleston. See how his imitation stacks up, and see the Raging Bull's reaction, below.