Sinead O'Connor Pens Music For Sean Penn Play

September 19 [7:55 EDT] -- Sinead O'Connor's voice will provide a unique set piece for a play soon to be staged in Los Angeles.

Remembrance," which is being presented by Sean Penn at the Odyssey Theater beginning September 25, will feature music written and recorded by O'Connor specifically for the production.

A spokesperson for the theatre company staging the play says that O'Connor's contribution, rendered in a haunting ancient Irish singing style known as sean-nos, helps to establish the mood of the play.

Marrying the play's action, which centers around families devastated by violence in Northern Ireland, with O'Connor's unearthly wail "helps to establish the play's emotional center" according to the spokesperson.

O'Connor got involved in the play through her friend Joseph Vittarelli, who co-wrote the sean-nos with O'Connor, and also wrote the music for Penn's latest film, "She's So Lovely.

Penn shows further evidence of his penchant for working

with people he trusts in casting Leo Penn and Eileen Ryan, his parents, in the lead roles. Penn and Ryan are more than likely up to it though, as the two are veterans of stage, television, and film.