'Game Of Thrones': 7 Questions About 'Mockingbird'

Time flies when you're literally flying out the Moon Door.

Spoilers for last night's "Game of Thrones" are ahead.

When you play the "Game of Thrones," you win or you die — and sometimes you fly.

Lord Petyr Baelish knows these rules all too well, as he demonstrated on last night's episode of "Thrones," titled "Mockingbird." The Vale's new overlord continued his warpath through the fourth season of the HBO fantasy series by kissing one woman and killing another, making it clear that he's one of the deadliest (and creepiest) players in the game.

Still, we have questions, about Littlefinger's motives and a whole lot more…

1. Is Littlefinger a Creep?

Yep. And not just because he's murdered countless men and women, directory or indirectly, all in the service of his never-ending desire for the ubiquitous "everything." That was always pretty sinister. But making a move on Sansa, seconds after telling her that she could have been his daughter in another life, was well over the line, even for the Mockingbird.

2. Can Lysa Arryn Fly?

Nope. She can't. But she can free fall through the Moon Door to her grisly demise, leaving the Eyrie and the Vale and her Sweetrobin all at Littlefinger's disposal. Close enough?

3. Should Brienne Keep Blabbing About Sansa?

Nope. It worked out well this time, because talking with Hot Pie led to some information about Arya Stark. But that's because Hot Pie is a good guy who never gives up on gravy. What if Brienne asked some gravyless heathen about the Stark children? Probably wouldn't play well. She should heed Podrick's advice and strongly consider who she tells about the Stark mission.

4. Should The Watch Seal The Gate?

Yep. Ser Alliser Thorne is making a massive mistake by ignoring Jon Snow's warnings about the coming wildling threat. Blocking the gate between the Seven Kingdoms and the far north is one of few truly effective moves the Night's Watch could employ to cut Mance Rayder's army off before it's too late. Of course, Jon knows nothing, so why take his advice now?

5. Should Daenerys and Daario Turn Business Into Pleasure?

Yep. Why not? Khal Drogo is so season one. Why shouldn't Daenerys exploit the two things in the world Daario excels at?

6. Should Tyrion Feel Relief?

Nope. It's nice that he has a new ally on his side in the form of the Red Viper, but so much has gone so wrong for the Imp that there is no time to get comfortable. However, Tyrion can take an iota of solace knowing that he's not the man who has to battle the Mountain directly. But what a song that would have been!

7. What's Better Than Nothing?

Nothing — except Hot Pie's kidney pies.

What did you think of the latest "Game of Thrones" episode?

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