47 Ways Austin Mahone Has Said 'Good Morning'

I counted all the times Austin said 'good morning' in 2015.

Austin Mahone knows what he likes and he sticks to it. He likes putting out R&B-tinged pop songs. He likes pointing at cameras. And when he wakes up, he likes to start his day the same way -- by announcing to his followers that he has awoken and that he hopes your morning is "good."

I took a look at Austin's Twitter, going back to Jan. 1, 2015 (yeah, I have time on my hands), and picked out the best times he's said "good morning." Get ready, Mahomies, here are all the ways Austin has said it in 2015:

By being so freaking excited about it.

By daring to make grand proclamations so early in the day.

By letting curiosity get the better of him.

By punctuating.

By doubling up on the smiles :).

By telling us how hot and sweaty he's gonna get.

By working out his voice... as if it needs working out.

By getting too hyped about the day and accidentally using 'n' twice.

By making us jealous. Hope he got the red velvet pancakes.

By getting ambitious.

By using the creepy eyes emoji.

By hinting that he's probably in Texas.

By selflessly getting himself up at 11:23 a.m. just to tweet us.

By returning to consciousness.

By adding 'everyone' so we knew this tweet was intended for the masses.

By allegedly listening to Pete Seeger.

By really getting into Pete Seeger. Dude, we had no idea.


By typing a noun into his Twitter.

By forgetting commas exist.

By explaining the science of time zones.

By using a colon and a single parenthesis.

By waking at 1 in the afternoon and still thinking it's the morning.

By addressing the entire bloody planet.

By ditching the space bar.

By tweeting a bicep.

By using six exclamation points.

By spreading vibes.

By not waking up in the morning.

By getting up 'early,' a.k.a. when normal people go to work.

By dropping the 'good' and making us come to our own conclusions about the morning's quality.

By praying.

By telling us it's a big day and then not divulging why.

By using the dancing emoji because that's how I imagine him getting out of bed: with a swift leg lift.

By maybe tricking us? Is it really a good morning, Austin? Is it?

By using a sunny emoji

By telling us how fatigued he is

By only asking hard-hitting questions.

By waking up at a normal time.

By not waking up at a normal time.

By teasing his yet-to-be-released next single.

By getting aggressive about it.

Please stop yelling.

By getting self-promotional. The answer is 'yes,' by the way.

By using emojis that my browser can't process.

By being a real American.

Goooood morning to you too, Austin.