Yes, A Third 'Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants' Movie Is Very Much In The Works

Amber Tamblyn and America Ferrera confirmed not just the sequel, but also that all of the sisterhood has met Blake Lively's new baby.

Even with a baby in tow, the Sisterhood will be back for more — as long as Blake Lively stops being so tricky about stuff.

At the launch of her husband Ryan Piers Williams's art exhibit, "Monsters and Landscapes," America Ferrera and Amber Tamblyn confirmed the rumored third installment of the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" movie as a thing that is very much in the works, even with new mom Lively's baby on board. Guess those pants are going to have to fit in a whole 'nother inexplicable way, huh?

Ferrera told People that the third film is "actually very much in the works," and will center around the fifth book in author Ann Brashares' young-adult series.

"What's wonderful about it is, and the series to begin with, is that it's really raw and honest about friendship and how hard it can be and how it changes as you grow up," Ferrara said.

Changes like, say, babies perhaps? Tamblyn got the shocking news that her friend had given birth the old fashioned way: through deception.

"That bitch! She tricked me!" Tamblyn joked with People about how she learned her friend Lively had given birth. "I went up there and I didn't know, everybody knew but me, and she does that shit to me."

Tamblyn went on to explain that Lively had been "texting me about wallpaper."

"She was like, 'You gotta come see my new wallpaper,' and I went up there, and there was her baby."

Guess the bonds of friendship from the movies has extended into the star's real lives in a palpable way. Now can we beg for a baby cameo in the film or is that too much too ask, eh Blake?