20 Years Of 'Crazy': Liv Tyler Looks Back On The Aerosmith Video That Launched Her Career

'That is [bleep]ed up! 20 years!' Tyler said.

Liv Tyler may be taking a star turn in HBO's new series "Aerosmith's video for "Crazy."

Actually, scratch that, it was a long time ago. Twenty years, in fact, something that completely blindsided Tyler when we asked her about it on "The Leftovers" red carpet in New York.

"Oh my, what?" Tyler said, jaw dropping in surprise. "That is [bleep]ed up! 20 years!"

The video featured Alicia Silverstone in her third Aerosmith video appearance, taking a "Thelma & Louise" style teen road trip with Tyler while singing along to the song.

And in 1994 (when the video debuted), "Crazy" was one of the most requested videos on MTV (hey, we know that channel!), a fact that didn't escape young Tyler.

"I remember I was in high school when I made it," Tyler recalled, "and I would wake up in the morning for school, put on the MTV countdown. And when the video would come on I'd get so embarrassed, that's when I would get in the shower, I remember that. Wow, that's a long time ago."

Even with the enormous success of the video, and the sure to be year long festivities celebrating the video's release (okay, maybe not), Tyler doesn't think there will be a shot-for-shot remake any time soon.

"No, that would be fun!" Tyler said, laughing about getting the band literally back together. "Me and Alicia walking around, the MILFs or something? With our children running around behind us?"

Hey, we'd watch that.

You can catch all of Liv Tyler's amazing cryin' every week on "The Leftovers" on HBO, Sundays at 10pm E.T.

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