Roger Mathews' Back Will Never Be The Same -- See The Start Of His Humongous New Tat

Jenni Farley's main squeeze is adding to his ink a really big way.



As if Roger Mathews' hulking stature wasn't enough to leave you running for cover, the "Snooki & JWOWW" cast member's latest tat will definitely discourage you from ever messing with him. We certainly know who we'd want on our side in a bar fight...

Roger, whose arms are already covered in ink, tweeted a photo of his newest bit of body art last night, and by the looks of things, Jenni Farley's fiancé has quite a project ahead of him. "Started my back piece today. New school Americana," he captioned the shot of his neck-to-tailbone tat. It includes a massive skull chomping down on a snake, surrounded by a banner that reads "Don't tread on me."

WE WOULD NEVER, ROG! DID SOMEONE TELL YOU WE WOULD? BECAUSE, LIKE, THAT WOULD BE SIMPLY INSANE HAHAHA *pushes child off tricycle and feverishly pedals away in terror*



Like Jenni and her former "Jersey Shore" housemates (who've got many collective marks), Rog just can't seem to get enough tattoos. What do you think of his latest design? Share your thoughts, and stay tuned for updates on "S&J" Season 4!

Photo: Splash News