Adele Undergoes Vocal Cord Surgery

Surgery follows cancellation of all of the singer's remaining 2011 performances and appearances.

In an effort to repair her strained voice, Adele underwent microsurgery for a benign polyp on her vocal cords in Boston and doctors said her prognosis is good.

"Adele underwent vocal cord microsurgery by Dr. Steven Zeitels to stop recurrent vocal cord hemorrhage (bleeding) from a benign polyp," read a statement from Massachusetts General Hospital, where the surgery took place. "This condition is typically the result of unstable blood vessels in the vocal cord that can rupture. Based on the advice of her doctor and voice therapist in the United Kingdom, Adele came to Boston to consult and undergo corrective voice surgery with Dr. Zeitels, the Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Voice Center. ... Dr. Zeitels expects Adele to make a full recovery from her laser microsurgery."

According to The Los Angeles Times, the surgery uses special lasers to stop the vocal cord bleeding and has successfully been performed on other singers in the past, including Aerosmith's Steven Tyler in 2006.

The surgery came after the "Rolling in the Deep" singer scrapped all remaining performances and appearances in 2011 on doctor's orders.

"It is with deep regret that Adele has been forced to cancel her remaining live dates and promotional appearances in 2011," read a statement >posted on her website last month. "She is to undergo surgery to alleviate the current issues with her throat, and a full recovery is expected. As a result, doctors have ordered her to rest her voice and completely recuperate before looking to schedule any work commitments."

The vocal problems were the latest hiccup in the 23-year-old singer's plans to tour the U.S., which were previously derailed when she had to call off a string of gigs due to a bout of laryngitis.

"Singing is literally my life ... I have great confidence in believing you know how much this upsets me, how seriously I take it. Wanting to do something so bad and not being able to is the most frustrating thing as I'm sure you know," she wrote in a message to her fans explaining the latest setback, which was caused by a vocal hemorrhage. "My voice is weak and I need to build it back up. I'm gonna be starting up vocal rehab [soon] and start building my overall stamina in my voice, body and mind."

When MTV News contacted an independent expert prior to the surgery, he said that recovery from such a procedure could take one to two months and that Adele's voice should be fine in the long run.

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