Who Should Play Crowley's Father On 'Supernatural'? Ruth Connell Has Some Ideas

The Season 11 mid-season finale will be "mega" and "epic," according to Connell.

The mid-season finale of "Supernatural" is sure to be on fire this Wednesday (Dec. 10) because the devil himself is returning after several seasons. According to the preview for "O Brother, Where Are Thou?," Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) will come face to face with Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) in the Cage in Hell.

Throughout this season, Sam has been suffering terrifying visions of the Cage and believes God wants him to go back there to beat the Darkness. But Lucifer isn't the only baddie in this episode. Everyone's favorite sassy witch Rowena (Ruth Connell) returns after a five-episode hiatus. What has the King of Hell's mother been up to all this time?

"You mean besides from being in fancy hotels and mani-pedis and champagne and her usual stuff?," Connell jokingly told MTV News on the phone. "I think for sure she’ll be really licking her wounds... [although] I think it becomes more apparent in Episode 10 [the episode after tonight's show] quite what Rowena’s been up to in 'intermission.'"

Connell assured us tonight's episode will have "a humongous cliffhanger," so we can only imagine what kind of insanity is in store for our beloved Winchesters.

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When asked about what it was like to film with Lucifer/Pellegrino, Connell couldn't praise the handsome devil enough. (See what I did there?) Although she mentioned we might not get to see Lucifer and Rowena together on tonight's episode, we will see them when the second half of Season 11 picks back up early next year. Interestingly, Connell and Rowena share a common interest: Connell is a fan of Pellegrino and Rowena is one of Lucifer.

Connell said it was "a wish" to work with Pellegrino, and even when they weren't filming scenes together, she would watch him perform from off-camera. "He’s so good."

Naturally, the delightfully wicked Rowena would certainly be a fan of Mr. Evil himself, so getting in that mindset wasn't difficult for Connell whatsoever. She felt lucky to get to act with Pellegrino — and we can't wait to see the two villains together in action.

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Unfortunately, one important question fans want to know won't be answered in the mid-season finale. When asked if we will find out who Crowley's father is on this season, Connell replied, "I damn well hope so." It sounds like nothing has been set in stone, but the Scottish actress has some ideas the producers at "SPN" really need to take to heart.

For starters, she thinks William Shatner would be totally down for the role, since he's always joking with the cast on Twitter. Can you imagine the OG Captain Kirk as the King of Hell's father?! The TV show crossover fanfic practically writes itself. Connell also said she suggested Michael Fassbender — yes, THE Michael Fassbender — as Crowley's dad (Mark Sheppard).

But it was her third suggestion that truly piqued my interest. Jared Harris, who played Lane Pryce on "Mad Men" is a good friend of hers. She suggested the actor who played Harris' father Robert on the AMC drama, William Morgan Sheppard, could play Crowley's pops. Why choose this man? For starters, he's Mark Sheppard's father. What could be better casting than actually casting Sheppard's old man?

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"I think there’s options about Crowley’s dad," Connell shared. She recalled a quote Rowena said in a Season 10 episode after Crowley complained he didn't have a father. Always coy and sassy, Rowena retorted with, "Of course you had a father. You were just conceived during a winter solstice orgy, and it's not like I was taking names." Someone needs to file that line under "Best TV Quotes from 2014," because it's pure gold.

Connell claims the orgy idea is "questionable," but we will learn more about Rowena's backstory in Episode 10. After reading the script, one particular scene stood out for her because it partly coincided with what Connell had already imagined about Rowena's past. We're not exactly sure what it's about yet, but if it's half as heartbreaking as the Oskar storyline, I'm not sure we can handle the pain.

After speaking with Connell on the phone, I'm stoked for the mid-season finale tonight. When asked to describe the episode in one word she first said "mega" and then added "epic" for good measure. Two potent words to sum up what's sure to be a memorable episode. We have Rowena AND Lucifer; what more could you want?

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