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Taylor Swift Picks Her 10 Most Inspirational Friends: Which One Are You?

Tay gushes over Lorde, Haim, Lena, and more in the new issue of <i>Glamour UK.</i>

Have you picked your jaw off the floor after fawning over Taylor Swift’s drop-dead gorgeous Glamour UK cover? Good, because now we’re getting our first sneak peek inside the issue (which she co-edited, because she’s clearly a woman of a bajillion talents) — and that’s where the real beauty is.

Taylor penned an article for the mag called “The 10 Women Who Changed My Life,” sharing intimate details about her most meaningful female friendships. All 10 women are different and special in their own ways, and chances are, you’re exactly like one of them. Find out which of Taylor’s famous BFFs YOU are by taking a look at how she described them.

If you’re an expert advice-giver who tells it like it is, you’re Lorde.

Tay says meeting Ella (first name basis — jealous!) was like “immediately having a truth serum added to my life.” And no, she doesn’t mean in a threatening, “Divergent”-like way. Rather, Taylor says Ella’s a straight shooter who sees the world in black and white and gives amazing advice, further proving she’s freakishly wise beyond her years.

If you’re a domesticated diva who’s always the hostest with the mostest, you’re Ina Garten.

We all know Taylor throws some seriously FOMO-inducing parties, and it looks like she has Ina to thank for that. Tay says the author and Food Network star is one of her biggest inspirations for living a beautiful and relaxing life full of delicious food and unmissable get-togethers. Kinda makes you want to throw a dinner party, huh?

If you’re a bonafide star who doesn’t let your fame jade you, you’re Faith Hill.

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Taylor says the legendary country icon strikes the perfect balance between being elegant and maintaining her quirkiness. She also revealed Faith was one of the first artists to welcome her into the country music world with open arms.

If you’re a trailblazing boss lady, you’re Lena Dunham.

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Praising Lena’s show “Girls” as “one of the most exciting and intelligent portrayals of young women on television,” Taylor says Lena proves you don’t have to be threatening to be successful. Rather, powerful women can also be warm, approachable, and “name their dog Lamby and make flower crowns in their free time.”

If you’re a bubbly ball of sunshine who’s constantly on the move, you’re Karlie Kloss.

We already know Karlie is one of the busiest girls on the planet, and Taylor reveals the supermodel handles her workload gracefully and selflessly, always making time for her friends and doing everything with a smile on her face. It also doesn’t hurt to have a BFF who you can swap clothes and frolic around a desert with. #FriendshipGoals for real.

If you’re a devoted family woman (or plan to be someday), you’re Lily Aldridge.

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Tay says she looks up to Lily because of the way she’s balanced her career with raising her adorable daughter, Dixie. Basically, Lily’s giving Taylor major mom goals, which only makes us excited for the day Tay (hopefully!) has a little girl of her own and passes her flawlessness on to future generations.

If you’re a human teddy bear who always knows how to make people feel better, you’re Mama Swift.

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In yet another example of Taylor making us cry by gushing over her inspirational mom, she reiterates how tough her childhood was because of mean bullies and their nasty comments. But her mom was always her number one fan and taught Tay how impactful words can be, which basically made her into the icon she is today. Thank you, Mama Swift!

If you put your girlfriends before anyone else, you’re Este, Alana and Danielle Haim.

Taylor says her friendship with the Haim sisters has made her realize what it’s like to have real sisters (aww!). The four girls’ close bond — which, according to Tay, involves “daily hangs, group texts, and vacations together” — is bound to get even stronger when Haim joins Taylor’s 1989 World Tour this year. Yep, it’s safe to say this is the only #Haylor we’re shipping lately.