Liza Koshy's 'Floored' Will Literally Knock You Off Your Feet

Quibi's new dance competition series includes a moving floor and many other large obstacles

If you're tired of standard, televised dance competitions and you're looking for something a little more, well, interesting, look no further than Quibi's Floored, hosted by none other than actress, comedian, and YouTube star Liza Koshy. The streaming platform dropped the trailer today (April 27), and the best part is, you can watch it right now. No, seriously.

The new series is basically a combination of ABC's Wipeout and your typical dance competition show. "This is Floored, baby!" Koshy shouts enthusiastically at the start of the trailer. So, what's the premise? "Two dance crews put their choreography to the test on this incredible, moving floor," she explains. And a new episode comes out every day!

But there's more to it than just that. In addition to simply not falling off the stage, the dancers need to impress Koshy and a slate of celebrity judges. "To win, they're going to have to compete to stay on their feet," Koshy continues, insinuating that the game might be harder than it initially seems. "And it all depends on how they impress me and our guest judges."

To be completely honest, it looks extremely difficult. Not only does the floor tilt in all different directions, compromising people's balance, but obstacles are also randomly placed in the way to make things even more challenging. In the trailer alone, we see dancers getting hit by giant teddy bears, a globe, and even an iPhone with Koshy's face on it.

If you're not 100 percent convinced that this show's for you, perhaps the impressive roster of guest judges will do the trick. Koshy will be joined throughout the series by many familiar faces including Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler, Josh Peck, Adam Rippon, Storm Reid, and several others. And since we're all looking for feel-good shows right now, Floored might just be as feel-good as it gets.

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