Cardi B Showed Offset 'Why He Had To Put A Ring On' Her With 'Um Yea'

Their new collaboration is from their first studio session together

Cardi B and Offset have already dropped a track together — "MotorSport," which features the rest of the Migos dudes and Nicki Minaj as well — but their latest, "Um Yea," is technically the first time the power couple laid eyes on each other in the studio.

"Um Yea" has Cardi B popping in for a few bars, notably to brag on the bilingual tip ("Let's talk money in Spanish 'cause I can speak it in both") and revel in her success ("I been ballin' kinda like when Derek Jeter rose") in between verses from her fiancé.

They recorded it back before they fell in love, and Cardi shared the backstory of that first hang in the studio on Instagram, specifically citing it as the instance where she caught his attention and showed him what she's about on the mic.

"Had to show his ass why he had to put a ring on this finger," she wrote. Clearly, it worked.

Listen to "Um Yea" below, which is featured on Quality Control compilation Control the Streets Vol. 1.

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