'Pitch Perfect 2': The 4 Things We 'Have' To See

All the a cappella, please.

Now that the "Pitch Perfect 2" trailer is out, it's time to move on to the next step: rewatching it one million times, scrutinizing it for evidence that the aca-sequel will fulfill all our wildest aca-dreams of a big-screen return for the Barden Bellas. And based on the first peek at the film, things are looking harmonious. Here's our list of must-haves when the movie hits theaters next spring.

1. Maximum screen time for Gail and John

Thanks to the trailer, we know they're in there for at least one teensy scene. But considering that Elizabeth Banks delivered some of the best lines in the first film, it would be a crime not to have her back for even more in the sequel.


2. More of the Beca/Jesse romance

The good news is, there was definitely a glimpse of Skylar Astin in the trailer. The bad news: It's unclear whether he's there to play Anna Kendrick's on-screen paramour. Are these two still an item, or just aca-friends? Hopefully it's the former, because while obviously the music is the primary focus of "Pitch Perfect 2," those two crazy kids were so cute together.

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3. Or at least, a raunchy sex romp for Fat Amy

The great mystery at the heart of the "Pitch Perfect" franchise: are Amy and Bumper bumping pelvises, or is this all a big tease? We need answers!



That haunting, folksy arrangement of "Cups" was an encouraging sign that for all the awesome a cappella in the first film, this franchise is turning its musical element up to eleven for the sequel. Add in the sick beatboxing during that "secret a cappella house party" clip, and it seems like a sure bet that "Pitch Perfect 2" is gonna be aca-everything.

"Pitch Perfect 2" hits theaters in May 2015.