Here's How Zendaya And More Badass Women Are Helping Change How We Think About Beauty

From her pro-tall girl messages to standing up for the girls who like to experiment with makeup, Zendaya is a bright, shining beacon of positivity in a culture that loves to scrutinize the way women -- of all ages -- look. The fact that she's being immortalized as a Barbie -- a very early influence for many young girls -- in her 2015 Oscars red carpet look? Even cooler.

If you don't remember, Zendaya showed up to this year's Academy Awards in a gorgeous ivory Vivienne Westwood gown and waist-length locs -- a nod, she explained, to her father's own hairstyle. The outfit became the unfortunate focus of ridicule in a post-Oscars episode of "Fashion Police," where her hair was critiqued as looking like it smelled "like patchouli oil" and "weed." Instead of letting it tear her apart, Zendaya took to Instagram to deploy an eloquent and powerful missive about becoming the victim of a stereotype and used the incident as an opportunity to educate people.

Zendaya's new Barbie is a symbol of the hard work so many women have been doing over the course of years and years and years to shift society's view on beauty. This video only highlights five standout badasses who have helped particularly with visibility, forcing people to accept different interpretations of beauty -- Miley Cyrus, Shonda Rhimes, Ashley Graham, Amy Schumer, and Tyra Banks -- but it's the effort of the collective, of you, of me, of everyone, that's really making it all stick.

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