Miley Cyrus Raps About Her Love For Iron Maiden

Apparently, Demi Lovato isn't the only Disney teen queen who loves herself some heavy metal. Miley Cyrus also claims to be a headbanger, and the 16-year-old wants all her critics to know that when she wears an Iron Maiden T-shirt around town, it's because she really loves the band.

"OK, so here's the deal ... I know you guys check up on some cool sites with different pics of me, and that's awesome and I think that's great that you get to see me out and about," she said in a new YouTube video, in which she also discusses her relationship with the Jonas Brothers. "So, I'm sure you guys have seen me rocking an Iron Maiden shirt lately. And I know there's been some people saying, 'Oh, she's a poser ... She wants to be a rock star.' You guys don't know my life. You don't know if I like Iron Maiden or not."

To drive the point home, Miley decides to rap about her love for Iron Maiden. (This might be better than when her boyfriend performed his ode to Miley on the YouTube show.)

Miley's jam went a little something like this: "My Miley fans would know/ But people just trying to dis/ Because they aren't on my list/ Of people that don't like me/ And I really think that's ... yeah/ You know what I'm saying/ I don't think that's cool/ Just because you guys sit around all day at school/ And I think that's awesome/ And it's really sweet/ But that doesn't mean you can go making fun of me/ Hey now!"

And if you still have any doubts, she was able to name her favorite songs by the British metallers. For the record, they are "Run to the Hills," "Fear of the Dark" and "Running Free."

Thank goodness we've cleared that up.

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