19 Times Zendaya Was All Of Us On Instagram


Zendaya is all over the place right now. Whether she's filming her show, working on new music, or designing for her shoe line, it's clear that this is a girl preparing for superstardom. Somehow, though, she manages to stay incredibly down to earth, and nothing proves that more than her real as hell Instagram.

Zendaya is not afraid to show all sides of her on social media, and whenever she posts anything, the word "same" usually comes to mind. To celebrate her 19th birthday, we rounded up the 19 times she spoke directly to us (or, y'know, all of her 11.2 million followers).

When she worked it for her senior pictures

When she shouted out her bomb AF mom

When she got stressed out over "Scandal"

When she just had to get down to Drake

When she couldn't decide between two selfies

When she educated THE MASSES

When she broke it down in the car

When she found "that good light"

When she bonded with a penguin

When she went to the 1989 Tour

When she needed to go to bed but her makeup was too on point

When she took selfies at lunch

When she graduated high school

When she fell in love with Riley Curry

When she kept it real as hell

When she videoed her dad watching the Warriors game

When she didn't want to get out of bed

When she served it to her haters

When she told you to liiiiive

Happy birthday, Z!

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