Need Proof That Kim Kardashian Loves North West? Just Look At Her...Hands?

I mean, does YOUR mom have rings in the shape of your name?

If you had to guess, how do you think Kim Kardashian lets her loved ones know how much she cares about them? Does she give them flowers? Or hit up Hallmark for a card that sings "Jam (Turn It Up)?" Maybe an Edible Arrangement or two? Um, no. This is Kim K, and when Kim K wants to show her love, she wears your name in the shape of ridiculously expensive jewelry. Obviously.

The reality star posted a jeweled homage in honor of daughter North West on Instagram in the form of some pretty gold rings from Loud Love Jewelry, one for each letter of North's name. Were the rings a way for Kim to make it up to North after maybe leaving her in a hotel (LOL)? Possibly. Are they adorable? Definitely.



North isn't the only one who's gotten the gilded-name treatment—Kim did the same for hubby Kanye West a few years ago with a pair of "KW" earrings. Ain't love grand?

Getty Images/Courtesy of @baddiebey's Instagram


Although she's totally doing a good job of bringing back the trend, she wasn't the first to test it out—Queen B did it all the way back in 2012 when she got not one, but TWO custom Blue Ivy nameplate necklaces. Would it be weird if we got one, too, Bey? Yeah? Okay, never mind.

Merci Maman

Merci Maman Kate Middleton Necklace

The Duchess of Cambridge is clearly in on the trend as well, since she was spotted sporting a super cute Merci Maman necklace with "George Alexander Louis" engraved in it in script earlier this year. You can even have a li'l piece of Kate Middleton for yourself, since the e-boutique sells the exact same piece for $151 on their site.

Well, it looks like Kim is in good company! Maybe she'll wear some 'MTV Style' rings next? #agirlcandream

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