Mac Miller's First Official Posthumous Verse Is About Necessary Breakups

It's on the Free Nationals' new single, 'Time,' featuring Kali Uchis

The first official posthumous Mac Miller verse is finally here, courtesy of Anderson .Paak's band, the Free Nationals. "Time" features Miller and Kali Uchis alongside the band's smooth groove, and it speaks its piece about the importance of Father Time in a relationship. It's so easygoing that if it were a chair and you were leaning on its back legs, you'd fall out of it. Your summer playlist for clear skies and drop-top convertibles just found another addition to its list.

The Free Nationals are surgeons of groove. Bass lines flow like freshwater rivers and the reflection of the sun can be felt through its mellow, beachy, rhythm. They set this semi-sullen atmosphere with style, one that Kali decorates with her soft, nearly pleading voice. She needs to make her relationship work, but only if the other person will meet her halfway. And for that, she needs time.

Mac floats onto this beach for the second verse and plants his feet in the sand. It feels good to hear the easygoing nature of his voice and savor his words about breakup. He's an advocate for ending things because he knows that this hiccup isn't permanent. "You get yours, of course, I get mine / And in the end, everything will be fine, that's by design," he raps, confidently. It's a positive sentiment in a disastrous situation. This glass-half-full mentality of Miller, who died in September 2018, shines through again, as it always has.

The Free Nationals are currently on tour with Anderson .Paak for his Best Teef in the Game trek that began in May and wraps up later this month. .Paak recently released his fourth studio album Ventura in April.

Listen to Mac Miller wax poetic again up above.

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