Eminem, Xzibit Call Dupri 'Cockeyed Midget' On Answer Track

MCs take lyrical battle with So So Def CEO to new Kay Slay mixtape.

They've called him "Papa Smurf" and "Mini-Me" — now Dr. Dre's camp has stooped even further with their lyrical low blows to Jermaine Dupri.

Eminem starts off his guest-hosting duties on Say What You Say, the new mixtape from hip-hop's drama king, DJ Kay Slay, by letting the world know the war of words between Aftermath and So So Def is far from over (see [article id="1453646"]"Dre Disses Jermaine Dupri, Calls Him 'Mini-Me' On Eminem B-Side"[/article]).

Em delivers an approximately 90-second verse over a slow bass and string-laden beat he created for the tape. After comparing himself to Erick Sermon jumping out of a window, Slim Shady indicates that more disses are on the way, saying, "I stay beefin' with JD 'til the day Dre 2ways me/ That it's OK to stop blazin' him," ending by calling Dupri a "gay midget."

That sets up Xzibit. Inserting himself into the fray with Randy Newman's 1977 song "Short People" playing in the background, X-to-da-Z says he's dedicating his verse to "Tattoo, a.k.a the Leprechaun, a.k.a. Jermaine Dupri."

"If you're So So Def then, bitches, get a hearing aid," he continues as the beat switches up to the Clipse's "Grindin'."

From there, it's an all-out assault with Xzibit telling Columbia Records to drop Dupri from its roster, likening the producer to the underaged female in the alleged R. Kelly sex tape and outright calling Dupri a "cockeyed midget with a Napoleon complex" and a "Nickelodeon fetish."

A couple of weeks ago, on the set of his "Welcome to Atlanta" coast-to-coast remix video, Dupri said that he was expecting Eminem and Dre to come back with a few more jabs after he answered their dis track with a freestyle of his own, but he did not take the controversial clique seriously (see [article id="1453879"]"Dupri Swings Back At Dre With Doc's Own Beats" [/article]). JD alluded that he too would be down to continue battling if it made dollars and cents.

"If they want me to keep it going," Dupri said, "call me and tell me, 'JD, let's keep it going.' I'm into making money."

The new Kay Slay mixtape also finds Em half-jokingly threatening the "Internet bootleg DJs" who pirate his music and telling the "nerds" that if they can afford to buy computers, they can afford to buy his album.

Eminem's latest, The Eminem Show, had to be pushed up one week to a May 28 release date due to what he and his label called "rampant bootlegging and Internet piracy" (see [article id="1454071"]"Eminem Show Coming Even Sooner; Bootlegs Spur Date Change" [/article]).

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