Presenting The 13 Greatest Parties To Ever Take Place On MTV (Because Why Not?)

And yes, LC's black and white bash is included.

We here at MTV looove us a good bash, which is why we're counting down the days to New Year's Eve the premiere of "Greatest Party Story Ever," kicking off January 14.

The new series takes everyday debauchery and mayhem to an entirely new level with animated real-life recollections of — you got it! — parties. But not just any parties. Wild, insane, epic, tell-your-grandchildren-about-them parties.

In honor of this sure-to-be-historic show, let us take a stroll down memory lane at some of the best MTV parties in the history of ever.*

"Faking It"

Faking It

In an effort to prove to Amy (and everyone else within eyesight) that she's not afraid to cut loose, an inebriated Karma showed a little more than her smooth moves while dancing on a table. Yikes? In the words of K, "They're just nipples -- everyone's got 'em!"


Way back before Jatty was officially on, off, on again, off again, sort of on, maybe off, we dunno WTF is going on... there was Lissa's historic kickback, also known as Jenna's first party. My, how our baby has grown!

"Teen Wolf"


It was the sexiest threesome in the history of teenage werewolves — Erica, Isaac and Jackson grinding at a rave while working to catch the VOTD (Villain Of The Day, obvi). The sad part? This trio is long gone from "Teen Wolf" territory.

"Teen Mom OG"

Teen Mom

It may not be your typical boozy bash, but we thought Catelynn and Tyler's gender reveal party shortly before baby Novalee's birth was about as sweet as they come.

"The Challenge: Free Agents"


We'll never forget the night these "Free Agents" hung up their "Challenge" caps in exchange for cat costumes and Lil' Kim lookalikes.

"Are You The One?"

Are You The One?

Toss 20 singles on a beach with some booze, and you're left with a white party of epic proportions -- complete with a Chranley love fest.

"Finding Carter"


Caught in the act! During one of their frisky moments, our beloved Maxlor were seen smooching on the dance floor... and it was absolutely adorbs.

"Snooki & JWOWW"

Snooki & Jwoww

Our favorite "Jersey Shore" spinoff went out with a bang — the series finale depicted Nicole's gorgeous "Great Gatsby"-themed wedding, complete with a cigar and Scotch bar, an 18-piece band, a vintage white Rolls Royce and flapperesque, fringe-clad attendees like Jenni, Deena and Sammi.

"Laguna Beach"

Lauren Conrad is the ultimate party hostess (umm, there's a reason why she has a section dedicated to the art of grand affairs on her blog), and it all started with that glitzy black and white hotel party back in high school. Kristin Cavallari wasn't exactly happy to be there, but hey, everyone else was!

"The Hills"


"Teen Mom 2"

Teen Mom 2

From Kailyn and Javi's emotional ceremony to Isaac just being his adorable self, we were a bit of a blubbering mess during this "Teen Mom 2" celebration.

"Scream: The TV Series"

Just before discovering the identity of the serial slasher, Lakewood's finest gathered for a proper Halloween fete, complete with Emma and Kieran's flawless "Pulp Fiction" costumes.

"My Super Sweet Sixteen"

Reginae Carter — aka Lil Wayne's daughter — had an epic birthday bash fit for royalty, complete with a performance by the one and only Nicki Minaj. Oh, and let's not even talk about those birthday gifts.

*Epic "Jersey Shore" parties not included. Those can be found here.

+ Which MTV bash will you remember forever and ever? Tell us in the comments, watch the trailer for “Greatest Party Story Ever” below, and catch even more amazing party stories during the series premiere January 14 at 10:30/9:30c!

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