The Chainsmokers Reveal Their Most Famous Collab Yet

You’ve definitely heard of this megastar

The Chainsmokers and Halsey are still going strong on the charts with their No. 1 hit “Closer.” The EDM duo are known for their collaborations with up-and-coming artists — Daya and ROZES, to name a few — but now they’re working with a massively talented artist who has decades of experience: Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

Two Snapchat videos show the Chainsmokers — Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall — hanging out in the studio with Martin, who’s singing something pretty for your ears. No word on whether it’s a Chainsmokers song featuring Martin or vice versa. Either way, this is gonna be magical.

“With the success of the last couple singles, a lot of doors have opened. We’re really excited because some of the artists that we are now working on songs with are guys that we idolized,” Pall told MTV News correspondent Meredith Graves backstage at their VMAs rehearsal a few weeks ago. At the time, they politely declined to share who their next collab would be with. Thankfully that info didn’t stay secret for long.

Whatever The Chainsmokers are cooking up with Martin, you can be sure it’ll have an irresistible beat that’ll never (ever!) get out of your head. Lookin’ at you, “Closer.”

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