Post Malone Reflects On His Imaginary Wife's Infidelity With An Irish Folk Song On 'Fallon'

Their rendition of 'Seven Drunken Nights' was hilarious and magical

Last night, Post Malone joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Showfor a night of celebration and a brief interview about his upcoming Posty Fest. The high point of the night was a joint performance from the two as they gave a rousing, clapping rendition of "Seven Drunken Nights," an Irish folk song most famously performed and released by The Dubliners in 1967. Armed with a glass of beer, the rapper and host led the crowd in the hilarious number.

Post took a sip from his glass to start things off as Fallon began his sad verse in a jovial tone. Fallon came home to find another man's pipe in the place of his, confusing him. "I said to her / 'Will you kindly tell to me / Who owns the pipe up on the chair / Where my old pipe should be?'" he sang, signaling the gigantic clapping chorus from Post and the band.

"Oh you're drunk, you're drunk, You silly old fool / Still you cannot see?" they sing, before attempting to explain the pipe's existence. Post went next with a similar situation, finding the existence of another man's boots where his should be, under his bed. And then after that, Fallon found another man's head. They continue to drink, smile, and laugh at these potentially marriage-shattering discoveries as the audience joins in on the celebration.

Later, after a game of beer pong, Post revealed that this year's Posty Fest will take place on November 2 in Dallas. While he didn't announce any artists yet, it should be expected that it will be massive. Last year's Posty Fest brought out both Travis Scott and Tyler, the Creator. In September, he'll be heading out on tour with Swae Lee.

Watch Post Malone and Jimmy Fallon sing "Seven Drunken Nights" up above.