'World of Jenks' Star Recalls Fighting, Making Up With Maino

'Literally after that fight, we were cracking up,' Andrew Jenks says of tense moment with the rapper.

There aren't too many people who can boast about getting to live a day in the life of a rap star ... or, for that matter, getting attacked by one. In the debut episode of his new show, "World of Jenks," which aired right after the 2010 Video Music Awards on Sunday, star Andrew Jenks got to experience both.

In the premiere of the documentary-style series, [article id="1647439"]Jenks shadows rapper Maino[/article]. He moves in with him, parties with him and even meets his son. Everything goes smoothly, until a night out when Jenks starts questioning [artist id="1595900"]Maino[/artist] about some of his life choices. Maino doesn't take too kindly to the questions, and things quickly get heated.

Jenks talked to MTV News about why he thinks Maino attacked him and how the two got over the fight.

"When I was spending time with Maino and before I had really gotten to know him, really understood his entire story, I was starting to judge him unfairly, thinking that maybe he wasn't being the best example he could be to a lot of the youth that looked up to him," said Jenks. "I think he got really offended by that because I didn't know where he came from. I didn't know the struggle of his life and I didn't know why he acted the way that he did."

Jenks said the confrontation was beneficial, in that it led him to realize that there was a lot more about Maino's life he needed to experience. But that doesn't mean it didn't hurt.

"He's big," Jenks said. "People don't realize Maino is a big guy, so it hurt. If you look after he choked me a little bit, you see my neck is really red because he is a forceful man."

Even though it was a rough moment, the two soon made up.

"I developed enough of a relationship with him at that point where I knew it was a scuffle, it was late at night and that we would get over it," he explained. In fact, the two ended up partying together for the rest of the night.

"Literally after that fight, we were cracking up. We hung out that night [and] it was just like, it was a heated moment and we both came to an agreement that I needed to see where he was from and we carried on with the night," said Jenks, adding that no apologies were necessary. "You know, it was kind of like we're two dudes; we don't need to talk about it. We already decided I'm going to go see where you're from and that will be the best way to reconcile what just happened."

Jenks also shared that Maino caught the program before it aired and loved it.

"I showed him the episode a few days ago, and we were at a restaurant. It was funny because it was this really quiet restaurant, and it was, like, very nice. Everyone was quietly eating their dinner. And he was like, 'Yo, can I see the episode?' And I had my laptop, so I took it out, and he put on headphones and he was watching it and he was just like, 'Ohh! Oh, wow!' He was just yelling in the middle of this restaurant going, 'Ah sh--, Jenks, that was crazy,' like, 'I can't believe you got that.' "

The reaction was just what Jenks was looking for.

"At the end [Maino] was like, 'That was me, that's my life, you got it in 20 minutes.' That was just a weight off my shoulders, because I felt like we really accomplished something and that the guy we were following said, 'You got it, man. That's my life right there. You depicted it.' "

"World of Jenks" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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