Ben Affleck Is An Absolute Babe In This New 'Batman V Superman' Photo

Dark Knight? More like Dark NICE.

Forget about his wonderful toys, Joker. You oughta be asking Batman where he gets his wonderful clothes, because the dude looks absolutely styling in this brand new photo from "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

Photographer Clay Enos, who has worked with "Batman v Superman" director Zack Snyder on a number of projects including "Watchmen," posted the new portrait of Ben Affleck, alias Batfleck, on his Instagram page today. It's a detailed look at what we can expect from the Dark Knight's new look — new wardrobe included.

Bat-suit not warm enough for you? Here, put this duster on. Malcolm Reynolds won't miss it. Got too much sand in your eye? These goggles will help; after all, even a Batman can cry. Add a rustic scarf for good measure, and you have the sexiest and most stylish Batman that's ever Batmanned.

Seriously, none of the other Batmen can even argue. Even Christian Bale approves.

Warner Bros.


Remain as cautious about "Batman v Superman" as you want, but there's never been any doubt that the Batfleck would look good. We just didn't know he would look so freaking fly.

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" hits theaters on March 25, 2016. Check out the trailer below: