Robin Williams In ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ Video Will Make You Smile

The late comedian's goofball antics will always make us happy.

When Robin Williams walked onto a stage or screen, you had to smile. And if you didn't, chances are he would do something, or say something within, like, five seconds that would have you rolling on the floor or laughing through your tears. The actor, who died on Monday at age 63, was the master of pointing out the absurdities of life and playing characters who never lost their youthful spark.

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He was also, once upon a time, a huge music video star. You see, back in 1988, jazz vocalist Bobby McFerrin scored a truly oddball one-hit wonder based on his unique body-thrumming vocalizations called "Don't Worry, Be Happy." Maybe you never saw it, but you've heard the song in, oh, I don't know, "WALL-E," "The Simpsons," "That '70s Show," "Cocktail," "Dawn of the Dead" or a Huggies commercial?

The video, made 10 years before Williams became an Oscar winner, was in heavy rotation on MTV at the time, and it features Williams goofing alongside physical comedy genius Bill Irwin, wearing a housedress, Hawaiian shirts and cheesy suits, doing silly walks and dances, trying to bribe a limo driver and, in a now bittersweet moment, staring straight into camera and breaking into a warm, heart-melting laugh.

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