Starbucks Serves Up First LGBT Commercial With The Help Of Two 'RuPaul' Contestants

Luckily, two skinny lattes save the day.

Lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals, transgenders and Apple CEO Tim Cook can drink their lattes in comfort now that Starbucks has finally come out of the closet.

The coffee shop revealed it's very first LGBT advertisement today (October 30), with the aid of "RuPaul's Drag Race" season six winner Bianca Del Rio and same season runner-up Adore Delano.

The ad begins with Bianca taking a call with her agent and confirming a schedule so incredibly hectic that she's overcome with fatigue merely at the thought, declaring "I need a coffee!" She proceeds to the nearest Starbucks where, upon attempting to cut in front of every person in the long line, she's halted by a saucy Adore Delano.

"Look, honey. I've seen that you've cut the line. I am in line waiting for my skinny latte like everyone else, and I feel you should do exactly the same," Bianca rants while placing her order ahead of the diva. "Did anybody ever tell you that excessive amounts of makeup during the day makes you look really horrible? Listen, honey. Your little cutesy flirty thing is not going to work with me."

Adore's diatribe is abruptly cut off by the world's smartest barista, who offers up not one, but TWO skinny lattes to satisfy each queen's coffee dilemma.

LGBT equality has been picking up steam in the US, with over half the country now recognizing same-sex marriage and transgender rights taking a huge spotlight in schools. Texas even crowned its very first trans Homecoming King earlier this month, thanks in large part to Laverne Cox's movement.

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