Young Jeezy: From Corporate Thug To Atlantic's Senior VP Of A&R

The Snowman confirms the news via Twitter on Thursday, with successive praise from DJ Folk.

Young Jeezy just took his corporate thuggery up another level. On Wednesday, Atlanta radio DJ Greg Street announced that the Snowman will take over duties as the Senior VP of A&R at Atlantic Records. First Jizzle's right-hand DJ Folk confirmed via Twitter and then this morning Young set the record straight.

"From the streets to the Boardroom. SVP of A&R at Atlantic Records I am. Let's Get It! #itstha world," he tweeted before following with: "Corporate thuggin to the max!"

"from the trap to the world to grammy nominations to the boardroom my n---a @YoungJeezy," Folk tweeted shortly after.

Throughout his career, Jeezy has served as an uncompromised voice of the streets. While he has mostly refused to go pop (outside of a few key guest appearances alongside Rihanna and Usher), Jeezy has consistently cashed in platinum and gold plaques beginning with his 2005 major label debut Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101. Young's most recent LP TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition is now certified gold, having already yielded a number of singles including the Ne-Yo-assisted "Leave You Alone."

As an executive, Jeezy has stood at the end of his [article id="1682633"]CTE World[/article] (Corporate Thugz Entertainment) label, helping to guide the careers of up and coming MCs like Freddie Gibbs, Tone Trump and Boo Rossini.

What this latest move means for Jeezy's CTE artists is indefinite at this point. It is also unclear how the move may affect Young's career as a solo artist, he is currently signed to Def Jam Records.

What will happen after Young Jeezy's new move? Let us know what you think in the comments!