Kimbra Talks About Suiting Up For 'Warrior' With Mark Foster, A-Trak

Singer ventures into dance-music realm for the power track, which was created for Converse's 3 Artists 1 Song series.

Before [artist id="4008569"]Kimbra[/artist] hooked up with Foster the People leading man Mark Foster and well A-Trak for "Warrior," she had just "dabbled" in the dance music realm. But on the new track, she plants all four firmly on the floor for the track.

"It's refreshing to kind of go into different genres, sometimes when you've been working on your own stuff for so long," Kimbra told MTV News recently. Currently riding high off the success of her [article id="1683227"]Gotye collaboration, "Somebody That I Used To Know,"[/article] the singer will release her album, Vows, Stateside in May.

She ended up with Foster and A-Trak at the request of Converse for their 3 Artists, 1 Song series, which brings together artists to work on music and a coinciding music video to help launch the brand's latest shoe line.

And it's not just the song that's big, but also the message of the song. Kimbra offers up a girl-power battle cry on the chorus, singing, "You're just pushing me down, pushing me down, pushing me down/(They tell you, 'Trust your head, be like men' but never feel like you're good enough)/You're just crushing me down, crushing me down, crushing me down/(They wanna take our light, make us fight, but never cry for the ones you love!)/(I'll be your warrior, warrior)."

That in-your-face feeling was actually made with very little face-to-face contact between the three artists, as they were all on separate continents when they mad the song.

"I think that was fun for us all to have boundaries in that sense and not be able to be in the same room," she told MTV News. "But it was kind of fun and we did get the chance to sit down together at one point and that was really great after talking on the phone for so long to finally be in the same room together."

The power of the song's lyrics is mirrored in the video, which features the trio as luchadores battling it out for supremacy. And, despite several shots where the trio is all together, Kimbra let us in on a big secret.

"So the video shoot was challenging because I couldn't be in L.A. for the time of the shoot," she said. "So I think I was in Europe at the time, so we organized for my shoot to be done to a green screen. There's a little bit of face replacement in there as well. I'm telling you all the secrets!

"But it's fun. It's cool that it all looked continuous enough," she added. "I'm a bit bummed I didn't get to do the round-house kicks. That was a stunt double. It was really fun. I always say to them, I could have done [the kicks]. They jumped to conclusions there."