We Have Proof That 'A' Has A Soul After All On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Take another look inside A's vault.

After years of speculation and theorizing about who A is, we finally got an answer in the "Pretty Little Liars" season five finale: Charles is A. But the problem is, we have no idea who Charles is. Sure, we have our theories -- he's obviously Jason's twin brother, RIGHT? -- but we still have no official confirmation from "PLL" boss Marlene King.

However, her latest Instagram from the set of "Pretty Little Liars" gives us another piece to this puzzle. The cast and crew are currently filming season six, and it looks like King snapped this photo from A's vault. "'A' really does have a soul," she captioned the intriguing Insta.

The photo on the table is most likely a pic of Charles -- who looks surprisingly like Andrew -- and the teddy bear might be an old childhood keepsake. Apparently, Mona was right: A does have a soul after all.

In the finale ("Welcome to the Dollhouse"), Spencer investigated the extremely personal oddities inside of A's vault. In it, she found items from Charles' past -- a crib, photos, a teddy bear and most importantly, home videos of him as a kid with the DiLaurentis family. There's been a lot of twin imagery in the show, so we wouldn't be surprised if Charles was Jason's fraternal twin. (This would also make him Spencer's half-brother. Eek!)

While we won't officially know why Charles became A until the show's summer season kicks off in June, we do know that A isn't a stranger to Rosewood. "This person is not a stranger to Rosewood in any way, shape or form," executive producer Joseph Dougherty told MTV News after the shocking finale reveal. "I think it’s safe to say that, like the Liars themselves, this person’s history in Rosewood goes back before the beginning in the series."

Per King, she's been hinting at Big A's reveal since season three! So excuse us, but we need to go binge-watch seasons three, four and five immediately.