Watch Steph Curry Rap To The Tune Of Asher Roth’s ‘I Love College’ In This Throwback Clip

Should he stick to his day job? You be the judge.

Steph Curry's Golden State Warriors are about to face off against LeBron James' Cleveland Caveliers for the NBA title. But before this year's NBA MVP even starred in a pro game, he was just a student at Davidson College having fun and rapping with his friends.

Need proof?

The Davidson Show


Back in 2009, Curry joined schoolmates on "I Love Commons" an ode to their school cafeteria and hangout spot. It was set to the tune of Asher Roth's "I Love College."

"Their Sunday brunch is golden rule / And last night's girl thinks you're a tool," Curry raps on the parody track. "Awkward eye contact just isn't cool / And your boys' callouts are way too cruel."

The Davidson Show


Sure, the video looks like a fun time amongst friends, but Curry was actually quite proud of it.

“This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve done during college,” he said in an e-mail to the student body back then, according to the New York Times. “I mean, going to the Elite Eight was great, but this…”

Enjoy the full "I Love Commons" experience below.

Oh, and if you need to revisit Roth's "College" single, check it out here.

The Curry Fam Seems To Love Rap

"Commons" might've been the sharp shooting Warrior's first rap-related video, but it certainly wasn't his last. More recently, he was next to his daughter Riley Curry when she sang Big Sean's "Blessings" at a press conference, an adorable clip that went viral.

And before that, Steph joined his wife Ayesha in a mini-remix of Drake's "0-100" in another viral clip that gave everyone #MarriageGoals.

While Steph might be busy - what with the NBA Finals starting tonight and all - we kind of hope he keeps making rap videos.

The Davidson Show