Paris Hilton's Debut Isn't Out Yet, But She's Already Thinking About Album #2

Heiress hopes to use 'Paris' leftovers on sophomore effort.

NEW YORK -- Paris Hilton's first album isn't in stores yet, but the famously fabulous heiress is already mapping out a follow-up.

While in New York for her CD-signing tour, which hits Los Angeles on Friday, Hilton revealed that she's doing double duty -- promoting her debut while recording her sophomore album.

"I was just in the studio with [producer] Scott Storch two days ago," Hilton said Wednesday. "We did a funny song I wrote called 'Daddy's Little Girl,' and it's just about being, well, daddy's little girl, and about Ferraris and Prada bags and stuff. It's very tongue-in-cheek."

While "Daddy's Little Girl" is more hip-hop-sounding, Hilton isn't sure if her next album will be like her debut -- a mix of rock, dance and hip-hop. She says she's almost done with it, but she reserves the right to "keep recording more so I can change my mind at any minute." One thing she is sure of is that it won't take as many years for her to pull another album out of her hat.

"I know my style now," she said. "I know who I am as an artist now, so the next record will definitely go faster."

Part of the reason the second time could be the charm is that Hilton still has a ton of leftovers already written and, in some cases, recorded. Under her belt are early club-song sessions with Romeo Antonio (Fat Joe, Mya) from 2003, more rock-oriented sessions with Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Alanis Morissette) from 2004 and more hip-hop sessions with Storch from 2005, among others.

Covers of Blondie's "Heart of Glass" and David Bowie's "Fame," both recorded with Cavallo, might be saved. "Those could definitely come out one day," Hilton said. "Those songs came out really cool."

And Hilton is eager to reunite with songwriter Kara DioGuardi as well as producers J.R. Rotem and Dr. Luke, who produced her next single, "Nothing in This World" (see [article id="1534810"]"Forget Partying, Money: Paris Hilton Insists It's 'All About The Music' "[/article]).

"I definitely want to use the same people," Hilton said. "And I love the Neptunes. I would love to work with them as well."

Hilton had also planned to collaborate with Lil Jon and the Black Eyed Peas' Will.I.Am for this album, but never made it to the studio with them -- a mistake she hopes to make up for. "Me and Will.I.Am talked, and we were gonna send some songs to each other," Hilton said. "I definitely want to do something with him. He's just so talented." The same could happen with Lil Jon, who wrote a club song, using her trademark phrase as the hook, called "That's Hot" (see [article id="1494018"]"Paris Hilton Hooks Up With Lil Jon, Shares Her Horsemeat Gross-Out"[/article]).

"It's just Paris being Paris," he told MTV News at the time. "Rich and gorgeous and all that good stuff."

But before Hilton gets ahead of herself, she still has Paris to promote. That means she has to get through a few CD-release parties this week before a big blowout in Las Vegas on August 29 -- a sort-of block party, complete with go-go dancers, sword swallowers, light-bulb eaters, jugglers, drag queens, contortionists, spring jumpers, stilt walkers, monkeys, goats and more.

"I'm taking over the Las Vegas Strip," she boasted.

In between those parties, she will plan her next video and her VMA afterparty.

"I just shot a promo for that with me and the Moonman; that was fun," she said. "I'll definitely have a party. I'm just figuring that out right now. I just need a great DJ."

With all the party planning keeping her busy, Hilton has no time to worry about the fact that her Tuesday release is sandwiched between two other high-profile blond pop stars. Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics came out this past Tuesday, while Jessica Simpson's A Public Affair hits stores August 29.

"I love all the girls' music out right now," Hilton said. "I listen to them and love them, and I just want everybody to do well. I'm not competitive. I'm happy for everybody."

Plus, she said, she's waited too long for her dream to come true to worry about anything other than seeing it through.

"This is my passion and what I love to do," she said. "I've wanted to do this forever, and now I've finally had it finished perfectly how I like it. Doing a record, it's a lot of work and a lot of time, so I'm just taking time off from everything else so I can just focus on my music. That's all I want to do now."

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