Nicki Minaj Took Our Breath Away With These Steamy 'SNL' Rehearsal Pictures

Nicki and James Franco will both guest on tonight's episode.

Is Nicki Minaj preparing for "SNL" or is she trying to make us faint?

Amid all of the rumors about Cash Money Records falling apart after Lil Wayne criticized the label he helped build, Nicki just gave us these heart-stopping shots from the set of "Saturday Night Live."

Of course, the Queen is gearing up to perform on the show as this week's musical guest.

And James Franco is slated to be the show's host—but the two guests seem to be making friends quickly! Nicki and Franco already revealed their newfound closeness with this eskimo kiss for an "SNL" promo.

Let's face it, we're all Nicki admirers. Even Lil Wayne himself sports Minaj-wear, recently rocking a t-shirt that features her photoshopped onto a skateboard in her now-infamous "Anaconda" cover art pose.

Nicki captioned it "SKATEBOARDT" in a shout out to Beyonce's "SURFBOARDT" lyric-turned-meme from "Drunk In Love."

If this is the pre-show, can you imagine what she's got planned for her performances?

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